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Welcome to our Vigan Packages website. Operated and owned by WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila, it is one of the most trusted and recognized travel agencies in the Philippines since 2005. If you are looking for a money saving vacation with family and friends to Vigan City, our website offers affordable Vigan vacation packages that are sure to provide our guests' enjoyment and excitement.

Vigan City is the capital city of Ilocos Sur. It is popularly known as the Hispanic town of the Philippines. It is one of the historic cities that has survived the many difficult times and wars through the years. The constant threat of modernity contributes to the ever changing environment of Vigan, but the small town still maintains the beautiful Spanish-Colonial architectures that surrounds it. Due to the rich cultural heritage of Vigan, it is deemed to be among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Main Attraction in Vigan City, Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo Street Vigan CityThe Calle Crisologo or otherwise known by the locals as Crisologo Street is one of the top tourist attractions in Vigan City. The well-preserved cobble-stoned streets of Vigan are lined with Asian-Spanish ancestral houses. The wooden entrance doors and interior walls, capiz windows, ancient tile roofs and horse-drawn carriages or Calesa's in the area will surely take you back in time, the only thing missing would be people dressed in Victorian clothing.

The ideal time to witness the true beauty of Calle Crisologo is during daybreak, where souvenir shops and the bustling crowd are not yet active and the soft lighting gives a dreamy effect to the street. The late evening exudes a different, and more romantic vibe to Calle Crisologo. The souvenir shops and restaurants that are located within the street area are required to have an old-Spanish facade. There are also local street food vendors in the area of Crisologo Street, like the famous empanada which is a local Filipino word for food. Restaurants in the area also serve the sought after delicacy which is the Vigan Longganisa, as sweet sausage made from pork meat.

A great time to visit the Calle Crisologo or the city itself is during the Viva Vigan Festival of Arts where the street is decorated with Abel Iloco, the handwoven textile of Ilocos. The exuberant atmosphere will definitely lift your spirits. Not only that, the festival promotes understanding of the Ilocano Culture.

The Best Vigan Hotels

Vigan HotelsOur website features eleven (11) Vigan Hotels. The hotels listed in here on our Vigan Packages website are researched, visited and toured personally by the trustworthy travel agents of WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila, recognized to be a popular agency for tourists traveling in the Philippine Islands. We assure guests a thorough and accurate in depth descriptions along with both pictures and video of the hotels offered here in our website.

The charming old-Spanish facade and ancient interior design of the hotels in Vigan offers you a one-of-a-kind experience. The hotels in the area provides guests with outstanding accommodations and modern amenities. Most of the hotels have intricate designs, antique furniture, elegant dining and living area that brings to life the 16th century feel of the place. There are pictures or videos provided in the hotels listed here, for you to have a better idea of how some of the hotels look like and it might help you to decide which hotel better suits your preference.

Historical Vigan City Tours

St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral ViganVigan is a wonderful city full of historic churches, hotels and even streets. The enlightening and fun-filled Vigan Tours will let you explore the exquisite old-Spanish houses and cobble-stoned streets that Vigan has to offer. Discover amazing antique shops that sells original and reproduced vintage things, and souvenir shops that sells locally made products. 

Most of the ancestral houses in Vigan have been converted to a museum where memorabilia, portraits and clothes of the once illustrious families that lived there are now showcased and explained through the experienced tour guide. Syquia Mansion and Crisologo Museum are few of the interesting museums found in Vigan. The city known to be a center of religious activities in the north also has astonishing churches like Saint Paul Cathedral (pictured here) and St. Augustine Parish Church.

Vigan City Tour Package Inclusions:

  1. Vigan Hotel Accommodations (Choose from over 11 Hotels in Vigan)
  2. Daily Breakfast (per person)
  3. Tour of Vigan City
  4. Laoag City Tour
  5. Hotel and Service Charge
  6. All Government Fees and Philippines VAT

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